June, 18 2013

New Demos - Graviteam Tactics Operation Star:


“Achtung Panzer: Operation Star“ (English version)

 “Achtung Panzer: Operation Star” (Russian version)

Operation Star, star in the firmament of wargames?

July,11 2012

"Despite adversity on the defection of the primary distributor (Paradox), Graviteam offers us a great game. If you want to experience intense feelings, the urgency of fighting, while playing battles whose outcome will really depend on your ability to lead your troops into battle, on a plot plausible beautifully modeled, Operation Star is THE must-have title. What else? Achtung Panzer - Kharkov 1943, of course, still higher, in my opinion. The next intake of a multiplayer mode, followed by two expansions taking place in the summer of '43 should tip the balance.
This second installment of the series, despite some obvious advantages, suffers from some bugs, lack of manual, as well as imperfections in the 3D engine. Increased quality, increased tenfold, this result nevertheless somewhat novel, however, should win the support of wargamers. Some details remain to be refined in a future patch, just to soften the asperities, however, be mild, such as the backup system or the vehicle pathfinding. A wargame warmly recommended."



How I Lost To South Africa

How I Lost To South Africa (Steel Armor: Blaze of War AAR)

"..The saying usually goes that if you can bluff the enemy into thinking that you are more numerable then you are, then you can effectively win the day with a small contingent to their much larger force. Well, Sun Tzu, you haven’t tried holding back the South Africans as they slung a company of mechanized infantry, supported by their fully outfitted APCs in a fortified trench system, at you. In theory, this should have been an evenly outfitted match had my allies, the Angolan FAPLA (you can laugh now), supported my six Cuban T-62s by digging in on the right flank. Like most things of this nature, it is very hard to assess the enemy disposition and from where or if they will attack or at the very least, take the initiative of the battle and swing it towards their favor because it isn’t like the enemy knows how we are faring in terms of manpower nor do they know if their manpower is sufficient enough to take and hold the objective at the same time..."


Review "Achtung Panzer:Operation Star"


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