STEEL FURY: Kharkov1942


Developer:  Graviteam

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X-Designer (russian version)


Developer: Graviteam



Military complex

The training complex of the driver of Armour Transport of Scouts (further it is simple ATS) is intended for training to driving ATS (russian BRDM-2).

 He allows to train drivers in skills of driving on roads with a firm and soil covering, and also on impassability.

Training can is spent during various time of days (morning, day, evening, night), and also in various weather conditions (a fog, a rain).

The training complex consists of following parts: 

  • Workplace of the instructor with the monitor and the computer;
  • The projective device;
  • Workplace of the trainee with management elements (it is established on a dynamic platform);
  • The interface device;
  • The printer for reception of reports.

        In the course of training there is a possibility to increase complexity of exercises, adding various natural and artificial barriers (obstacle courses, minefields, ford, descent, lifting, various plantings).

        After exercise end there is a possibility to receive the printing report on all errors which were made by the examinee in the course of exercise performance.

T72: Balkans in Fire

Publisher in RussiaIDDK

Publisher in EuropeBattlefront    

Developer: Graviteam